Garage door torsion spring replacement

Garage door torsion spring replacement

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement


Are you having a damaged garage door torsion spring and would like to have yours changed as soon as possible? The importance of this device in garage door cannot be over emphasized as it is responsible for lifting your garage door whenever you want it opened either manually or automatically. And don’t you just be in a hurry because we got you covered on this one.


Garage door torsion spring replacement is increasingly becoming an issue among st garage owners based on the fact that there are different types of torsion springs out there in the market with each being different in terms of level of reliability.


If your default torsion spring gets damaged and as a result needs to be replaced then you may be faced with the headache of which particular one to have fixed. It is however important to know some of the types available so that if you have a challenge relating to garage door torsion spring replacement then you’ll know what to say when you get in touch with us.


Standard torsion spring


Just as the name implies, this is the most commonly used as far as garage doors are concerned. If you have a residential house then this is recommended for you. With this type, you are almost sure of the same function of your default torsion spring. They are always position above the opening of the garage door.


There is usually a shaft which is at the centre of the spring. It is usually recommended that your door will need only one of this torsion spring if it is light then two if it is heavy. There is always a weight cap put by every manufacturer so be very sure to know what your installer wants.


It usually has over 2500 cycles meaning that you will make use of it for a very long time before needing another one. Although this can also depends on the amount of times you go in and out of your garage every single day.



Early set torsion spring


This is almost just like the standard torsion spring. It requires different hardware to be used in installation and also the middle of the torsion shaft is where they are positioned.

The springs in this case are always positioned at both ends of the torsion shaft close to the cable drums.



Steel rolling door torsion spring


If you have a commercial building where you know people are always busy coming in and going out each and every time, then this is highly recommended. In this case, the torsion springs are always position close to or within the torsion barrel to enable to door roll effectively.


Torque master torsion spring


According to experts, this is the safest of all when it comes to garage door torsion spring replacement. The springs in this one are always enclosed in torsion shaft and always guarded by a winding cone at each end of the torsion rod.


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